Product specs for Q-Matic Corporation 10214120

Q-Matic Corporation 10214120

Product Description:

Q-Matic Corporation 10214120 Intro 17

The largest self-service kiosk in our range. - All the intelligence you need to give great service in one device. This makes things simple and reduces your technical worries and costs
- Size and flexibility to suit any type of service or information you would like to provide
- A capacitive 17 inch touch screen meaning that hardly any pressure is needed. The angle of the screen makes it visible in a wide range of environments
- Fully flexible to work with any Qmatic system, meaning that upgrades to new systems can be made without any investment loss
- If you have a Qmatic Solo solution - All system information is stored at the plugin ¿MyQmatic¿. Should you ever need to replace a device, - All your settings can be quickly retrieved
- Timeless classic design, manufactured in aluminum and glass
Q-Matic Corporation 10214120
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