Waveform Generator

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Signal generators, also known variously as function generators, RF and microwave signal generators, pitch generators, arbitrary waveform generators, digital pattern generators or frequency generators are electronic devices that generate repeating or non-repeating electronic signals (in either the analog or digital domains). They are generally used in designing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic or electroacoustic devices; though they often have artistic uses as well.

Astronics Test Systems, Inc.

We provide VXI arbitrary waveform generators and pulse generators under the Racal Instruments ® brand name, and we are also the exclusive United States distributor for the Tabor Electronics product line of rack-and-stack and PXI arbitrary waveform generators. Tabor's extensive product portfolio features technologically advanced, state-of-the-art waveform generators that not only represent the highest levels of performance, but are cost-effective.

Keithley Instruments Inc.

Our ARB and pulse generators provide powerful DC/AC current source and generators for pulse, function and waveform test systems.

Keysight Technologies Inc.

20 & 30 MHz 33500B Series and 80 & 120 MHz 33600A Series waveform generators with Keysight exclusive Trueform technology. Generate true point-by-point arbitrary waveforms with less jitter, more fidelity and greater resolution.

National Instruments Corporation

National Instruments arbitrary waveform generators for PXI and PCI offer up to 280 times the throughput of traditional GPIB and VXI-based instruments. Software tools such as the NI Analog Waveform Editor, Modulation Toolkit and LabVIEW, help reduce your test system development time while also having the flexibility to meet your changing application requirements.