Product specs for Bird Electronic Corporation 4410A520

Bird Electronic Corporation 4410A520

Product Description:

Bird Electronic Corporation 4410A520 Radio Test Set

This NAVICP model is an in-line wattmeter that is delivered with:
  • 4410A Wattmeter
  • Option 4273-020: In-Line signal sampler
  • Option 4275-020: In-Line signal sampler with BNC port for output to oscilloscope/counter
  • Option 4240-063: Quick-change N(m) connector
  • Option 4240-063: Quick-change N(f) connector
  • 4410-3: 2-30MHz/1kW Element
  • 4410-4: 2-30MHz/10kW Element
  • 4410-5: 25-80MHz/1kW Element
  • 4410-6: 50-200MHz/1kW Element
  • 4410-7: 144-520MHz/1kW Element
  • 4410-14: 400-1000MHz/100W Element
  • 4300-067-2: Carrying Case with newly designed foam inserts

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Bird Electronic Corporation 4410A520
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