Product specs for Anritsu S115BQ

Anritsu S115BQ

Product Description:

Anritsu S115BQ 2MHz - 1.6GHz Cable/Antenna Analyzer

  • Transmission Line and Antenna Analysis
  • 2MHz to 1.6GHz operating range
  • Performs return loss/SWR and fault identification
  • Finds poorly installed weather seals
  • Distance-to-fault (DTF) display pinpoints fault locations
  • Locate cable/connector problems without climbing tower
  • Very rugged design for field use
  • Store 10 test routines and 200 measurement traces
  • Remote control and automated data collection
  • 8Hr+ operation on internal rechargeable battery
This NAVICP model is delivered with:
  • S113C Site Master
  • OSLN50LF: Precision N(m) Open/Short/Load, DC to 4GHz, 42dB, 50 Ohm
  • 22N50: Open/Short, DC to 18GHz, N(m), 50 Ohm
  • SM/PL: Precision Load, DC to 4 GHz, 42 dB, N(m) 50 Ohm
  • 15NNF50-3.0A: Test port cable Armored, 3 meter N(m) to N(f), 3.5GHz
  • 34NN50A: Precision N(m)to N(m) Adapter, 18GHz
  • 1091-331: Adapter, NM-BNC (m)
  • 1091-329: Adapter, NM-BNC (f)
  • 1091-342: Adapter, NM-TNC (m)
  • 1091-341: Adapter, NM-TNC (f)
  • 1091-335: Adapter, NM-HN (m)
  • 1091-334: Adapter, NM-HN (f)
  • 1091-343: Adapter, NM-UHF (m)
  • 1091-344: Adapter, NM-UHF (f)
  • 1091-333: Adapter, NM-C(m)
  • 1091-332: Adapter, NM-C(f)
  • 1091-338: Adapter, NM-LC (m)
  • 1091-337: Adapter, NM- NF/90
  • 1091-336: Adapter, NM-LC (f)
  • 1091-339: Adapter, BNC(f) - PJ
  • 1091-340: Adapter, BNC(f) - PJ-S
  • 1091-330: Adapter, NM- 7/16 (m)
  • 1091-328: Adapter, NM- 7/16 (f)
  • 1091-327: NF - 1-5/8 EIA
  • 760-215A: Hard transit case, rigid foam modified
  • 48258: Soft Carrying Case
  • 10580-00064A: User Guide SiteMaster S113C, S114C, S115BQ, S331C, S332C
  • 10580-00075: S115BQ Maintenance Manual
  • 10920-00043: CD-ROM, S115BQ Navy Manuals
  • 40-115: AC adapter
  • 2000-1029: Battery Charger with universal power supply, NiMH only
  • 806-62: Automotive Cigarette Lighter/12 V Adapter
  • 800-441: Null modem serial interface cable
  • 2300-347: Software tools
  • One year Warranty (includes battery, firmware, and software)

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Anritsu S115BQ
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