Product specs for Aeroflex Test Solutions FS5000B-20

Aeroflex Test Solutions FS5000B-20 The FS5000B-13 is a .3-13.5 GHz Fequency Synthesizer, .5 MHz Resolution. The Synthesizer is a broadband source, operating over the range of 300 MHz to 13.5 GHz. The FS5000 can step from any frequency (F1), to any other frequency (F2), up or down, in less than 200nsec. Output amplitude is +10dBm +2 dB into an impedance of 50 Ohms. The FS5000B is housed in a full-rack chassis. The FS5000B has a front panel keyboard for manual control, GPIB and parallel BCD interface for remote programming.

Aeroflex/Comstron's FS5000 stands at the pinnacle of a family of frequency synthesizers that exemplify cutting edge performance. The FS5000 is faster, cleaner, smaller, and more rugged than the previous performance leader, Comstron's FS2000.

Construction is truly modular -blind-mate GPO connectors couple submodules to form modules. This miniaturized construction method makes it easy to build customized implementations of the architecture. FS5000 products are thus ideally suited to support airborne radar and EW systems where light weight, small size, super-agility, and spectral purity are of paramount importance. The FS5000 is also available as a rack mountable instrument with full keyboard control as well as computer control interfaces. Radar and radar upgrade applications include advanced multi-mode radars, frequency agile radar upgrades, improved subclutter visibility supporting MTI functions, ground penetrating radars, and multiple channel receivers.

The frequency generation technique used by the FS5000 is Direct Analog Frequency Synthesis, implemented in a patented, iterative, modular, architecture. Based on mixing, adding, and dividing fixed frequencies using wide-band mixers, ultra-fast switches and switched filter banks, this technique is singular in providing, simultaneously, the attributes of fast switching speed, high spectral purity, and wide frequency range. Direct Analog Frequency Synthesis also is inherently rugged and reliable -there are no loops to unlock and no vibration sensitive oscillators.

The FS5000's fundamental frequency generation range is 4.8 to 13.5 GHz, an order of magnitude higher than the FS2000. Synthesis at X band microwave frequencies allows for wide bandwidths, small size and superior spectral purity. The output frequency can be extended to 26.5 GHz using one doubler, which increases spurious signals and phase noise by only 6 dB.

FS5000 technology consequently provides not only superb frequency agility, but also spectral purity rivaling low noise fixed frequency references. At X-band the FS5000 delivers 200 nS frequency switching time, phase noise of -120 dBc at 10 kHz offset, spurious signals better than -70 dBc, and harmonics suppressed to better than -50 dBc. Modular FS5000 synthesizers with specialized low noise references are available with improved phase noise of -130 dBc at 10 KHz offset and spurious signals better than -80 dBc at X band. The programming and digital interface for the FS5000 are fully compatible with Comstron's FS2000 The instrument realization is housed in a 3U rack mountable chassis with display,keyboard,IEEE-488 interface, and parallel BCD interface for fast switching control.


  • Wide frequency coverage from a single unit
  • Sub-microsecond switching over the entire frequency range (200nsec)
  • Amplitude Leveling
  • Hop rate faster than 1 megahop/sec
  • Wide variety of standard and custom interface options
  • High performance modulations: FM Chirp, Pulse, AM, FM
  • High spectral purity
  • Vibration tolerant: proven in airborne applications
  • Locks to standard 10MHz.
  • Supported by a national and international sales and service network
Aeroflex Test Solutions FS5000B-20
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