Product specs for Aeroflex Test Solutions RPM-003

Aeroflex Test Solutions RPM-003 The TS-4317 Communications Test Set is used in conjunction with various "Plug and Play" Radio Personality Modules (RPM) and cables to provide semi-automated, comprehensive testing of various radio systems. The RPM provides the interface between the radio equipment and the test set and contains software to control the radio in remote control mode and provide stimulus for measurement. The operator is presented Pass/Fail indications along with measured values. Minimum operator training is required to test these radio systems.

The RPM-003 supports the following Radio Systems:

  • PRC-112 Transceiver w/DME
  • PRC Transceiver/Beacon
  • PRC-90-2 Transceiver/Beacon
  • URT-33 Beacon
(Export Controlled)
Aeroflex Test Solutions RPM-003
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