Product specs for Aeroflex Test Solutions RCTS-002HQ

Aeroflex Test Solutions RCTS-002HQ The IFR RCTS-002 RadioTest System is made up of the general purpose FM/AM-1600 (TS-4317) Communication Test Set in association with the J-1601A (J-4843A) Generic Applique Housing with RPM-002 (PL-1538) and PS-001 (PP-8468) Generic LRU Power Supply. The RCTS-002 RadioTest System is a self-contained, transportable, semi-automated Test System that may be used for a "go/no-go" evaluation, full functional testing and troubleshooting. This unit is used to test U.S. Air Force ARC-222 and ARC-186 radios. The addition of HAVEQUICK capability (RCTS-002 HQ) enables the testing of ARC-164 radios. The basic Test System provides the capability to test in the VHF, UHF and HF frequency bands; AM, FM and FSK modulation waveforms; and MIL-STD-1553 interfaces. All LRUs listed below (reference detailed list opposite) can be verified, tested and repaired when used in conjunction with the Maintenance Group (Cables, Repair Manuals, Special Tools, etc.) supplied by Raytheon. Ground Radios Airborne Radios Handheld Radios Remote Controls RF Amplifiers Single Distribution Unit Note: RCTS-002 requires an export license outside of the US. The RPM-002 (PL-1538) is used with the general purpose FM/AM-1600 (TS-4317) Communication Test Set and PS-001 (PP-8468) Generic LRU Power Supply to support LRU verification, testing and repair.PS-001 (PP-8468)Generic LRU Power Supply The PS-001 (PP-8468) connects to the bottom of the RCTS configuration to supply primary power for Units Under Test (UUT) and, in some cases, to the J-1601A (J-4843A) and RPM-002 (PL-1538). The PS-001 (PP-8468) is capable of supplying programmable volt-age levels from 3 to 30 V at up to 20 A. Additional voltages are provided for secondary needs.


  • Easily expandable platform
  • Semi-unattended testing
  • Portable
  • More complete testing in less time
  • Operator skill level requirement reduced
  • Reduced calibration cost
  • Less set up and operation test time required
  • Automated data logging and recording
  • No "Gold" LRU equipment required
  • Guided probing for troubleshooting
  • Supports all levels of maintenance
    • Forward "Mobile" installations
    • Forward "Fixed" installations
    • Rear depot installations
Supplied with:
  • Operator's manual
  • Power Cord
  • Microphone
  • Telescoping Antenna
(Export Controlled)
Aeroflex Test Solutions RCTS-002HQ
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