Product specs for Aeroflex Test Solutions PS-001

Aeroflex Test Solutions PS-001 The Military Communications Test System is based on the Aeroflex frequency hopping TS-4317 Communications Test Set, also known as the FM/AM-1600 Test Set. These systems are primarily used by the U.S. Armed Forces to test complex voice and data frequency hopping radios and accessories. The ruggedized packaging of 16 basic generator/receiver instruments makes the system ideal for depot and field maintenance shops. When combined with one of the "Plug and Play" Radio Personality Modules (RPM) and the appropriate cables, the test system provides semi-automated testing of various military radio systems (UHF, VHF, HF) and accessories. Very little operator intervention or training is required to perform radio testing and repair. The test system performs real-time testing of various frequency hopping radios.

The PS-001 supplies the power for this system.(Export Controlled)

Aeroflex Test Solutions PS-001
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