Product specs for Marvin Test Solutions Inc. GX7312-MP

Marvin Test Solutions Inc. GX7312-MP

Product Description:

Marvin Test Solutions Inc. GX7312-MP GX7312 with a MacPanel SCOUT Mass Interconnect Receiver

- 20 slots - supporting a 3U (embedded or remote) PXI controller and 19 3U PXI or cCPI instruments
- Built-in peripherals (hard disk drive, and a DVD-RW drive) for embedded controller configurations
- Integral Smart functions provide per slot temperature monitoring, system power supply monitoring, and PXI trigger mapping
- 900 W and 1600 W system power supply configurations
- Cable tray, recessed instrumentation, cable routing, and hinged front interface assembly configurations are available for mass interconnect interfaces The GX7300 Series mainframes are 20-slot PXI chassis that can accommodate up to 19 instruments as well as a PXI controller (an embedded CPU or a PXI bus expander interface such as a MX interface). The 3U form-factor provides a compact test system foot print and provides users with the flexibility to employ both PXI and Compact PCI 3U modules.

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Marvin Test Solutions Inc. GX7312-MP
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