Product specs for Tektronix P6703B

Tektronix P6703B

Product Description:


The P6701B and P6703B can be transformed into ITU G.957 or ANSI FC-PH reference receivers when they are either ordered as an option (3C - P6701B, 4C - P6703B) to the latest Tektronix TDS 500C/700 Series digitizing oscilloscopes or as a standalone hardware solution (nominal).

The TDS Option 3C provides a calibrated P6701B reference receiver for Fibre Channel dates rates from 133 Mb/s up to 1063 Mb/s. Option 4C provides a calibrated P6703B reference receiver for SONET/SDH dates rates from 52 Mb/s up to 622 Mb/s. The optical-to-electrical convertors are matched and calibrated to a specific scope channel which ensures complete system compliance with the fourth-order Bessel-Thompson frequency response.
The P6703B, when used in conjunction with the FS156 or FS622 SONET/SDH hardware filters, provide customers with a nominal reference receiver performance for 51.84 Mb/s, 155.52 Mb/s, and 622 Mb/s.
  • Broad Wavelength Response 500 to 950 nm or 1100 to 1700 nm
  • High Bandwidth DC up to 1.2 GHz
  • High Gain 1 V/mW
  • Low Noise <11 pW/squareroot Hz
  • Probe Connects Directly to TDS500/600/700 Series Scope (TEKPROBE™) or Other 50 Ohm Instruments with 1103 TEKPROBE® Power Supply
  • SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel Reference Receiver Performance: TDS500C/700C (Opt. 3C or 4C) P6703B: SONET/SDH up to 622 Mb/s

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Tektronix P6703B
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