Product specs for Sabtech Industries, Inc. BA-RP010-00-TM

Sabtech Industries, Inc. BA-RP010-00-TM

Product Description:

Sabtech Industries, Inc. BA-RP010-00-TM NIA-II Rackmount NTDS LLS Serial Type E

Sabtech's next generation NTDS I/O Analyzer (NIA-II™) is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that captures data exchanged between two actively communicating NTDS devices. The NIA-II™ provides the visibility that is essential to quickly analyze interface timing relationships, message protocols, throughput and data integrity on all types of NTDS interfaces. The NIA-II™ is an invaluable tool for development, maintenance and analysis of NTDS systems.The NIA-II™ can monitor any combination of NTDS Type A, B, C, H, D, E or H channels. It connects to the input and output cables of an NTDS channel and passively "listens" to communications without interference. Each word is time tagged with a resolution down to 125 nanoseconds ensuring highly accurate measurements of real-time performance.Data collected by the NIA-II™ is automatically stored in files that can be viewed immediately or retain for later analysis. Data files can be copied and transmitted electronically to remote sites, opening up a number of possibilities such as remote troubleshooting, immediate event reconstruction or time-critical feedback on system performance. The NIA-II™Rackmount can be configured to monitor communications on up to 10 NTDS cables in any combination of inputs or outputs. NTDS Type selection (A, B, C, H, D, E or H) is made in groups of 2, allowing the user to concurrently monitor up to 5 different NTDS channels. The NIA-II™Rackmount can be configured for any combination of NTDS Parallel (A/B/C/H) or NTDS Serial (D/E) for up to five (5) channels. There are two capture modes, Buffer Capture and Continuous Capture. Buffer Capture mode provides a snapshot with data before and after a specific event. Buffer sizes are selectable from 128 to 32,000 32-bit words. Continuous Capture mode continuously streams data to disk until stopped manually, by a trigger event, or after a specific number of words. Data can be displayed or printed in binary, hexadecimal or octal format.


  • Capture high speed NTDS data on parallel and serial NTDS channels
  • Monitors up to 5 NTDS I/O channels (10 cables) concurrently
  • Buffer or Continuous Capture Modes with flexible capturing options
  • Multiple trigger options available for any channel-trigger on first word, specific word/mask combination, word type, or error (NTDS Type E)
  • Multiple timestamp views-real time, timestamp time, trigger offset, and delta time between words
  • Rugged 19" Rackmount enclosure
  • 1.44 MB floppy drive, internal hard drive, removable hard drive and CD-RW for data storage
  • Time-Stamps captured data with 125ns resolution
  • Detachable PC-style keyboard with trackball
  • 10/100 Mbits/sec Ethernet port
  • Easy-to-use menu-driven user interface
  • Easy to connect and setup
  • View data in hex, octal or binary
  • Customizable coloring and split window options
Sabtech Industries, Inc. BA-RP010-00-TM
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