Product specs for Aeroflex Test Solutions elan-2K-RSA-Ka

Aeroflex Test Solutions elan-2K-RSA-Ka The elan-2K-RSA-Ka, 0.1 to 100 GHz Ka-Band RCS Network Analyzer instrumentation system is a high performance wideband Pulsed IF system capable of a Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) up to 4 MHz, with multiple range gates, multiple receive channels, and great frequency agility. The élan series is used when maximum data throughput is required, or when the desired measurement requires a very high sample rate. The élan features redundant receive channels, allowing faster polarimetric measurements, or use with multiple antenna channels such as tracking antennas.

The elan-2K-RSA-Ka system utilizes a common IF architecture which provides easy configuration to any desired frequency coverage. New frequency bands can be accommodated simply by adding the appropriate frequency specific converter/HPA/LNA subsystem. There are numerous loop modes at different stages in the IF and the RF circuits that channel the transmit signal back at various points in the system and are useful for determining system health and for fault isolation.

Multiple range gates may be placed anywhere in the PRI to sample the desired return. High-speed track and hold circuits and A/D converters are used to capture signal rise/fall times down to 2 nsec depending on the analog bandwidth of the selected frequency. The élan utilizes 16 bit A/D converters that provide over 70-dB dynamic range, single pulse, and over 100-db dynamic range with integration.

The digital system provides the interface between the user interface computer and the system hardware. The digital system provides all system timing and control signals, processes the receive data and transfers the data to storage and the collection computer. The digital system is based on the VME bus architecture which provides a convenient, standard interface for the data. Extremely powerful capabilities such as real-time imaging are also available by adding an additional CPU card.

The control and collection computer system is a PCI bus Pentium computer executing a Windows NT operating system. Real-Time, calibrated plots including target cross-section or phase, downrange profiles, Doppler spectra and swept frequency plots may be generated. A complete set of diagnostic and test procedures can be run from the operator console with a minimum of effort. Data storage is via SCSI devices, SCRAMNet reflective memory, RAM disk, and Ethernet.


  • Frequency coverage - 0.1 to 100 GHz
  • Supports ultra-wideband acquisitions
  • Up to 128K frequencies in a single step chirp
  • Dynamic range > 100 dB
  • Supports multiple complex waveforms
  • Simultaneous monostatic and bistatic measurements
  • Fast full polarization matrix measurements
  • Dynamic RCS measurements of moving targets
  • Up to 256 'pulses in the air'
  • 4 million samples per second
  • 2 million frequencies per second
  • Two receive channels
  • Highest storage rates available
  • Multiple real-time calibrated data plots
  • Automated calibration utilities
  • Versatile diagnostics
Supplied with:
  • Option 2kA: Standard RF Converter
  • Option 2kB: Dual (2) Channel Receiver
  • Option 2kC: Four (4) Range Gates (two per RX channel)
  • Option 2kD: Dual Linear Polarization (V/H)
  • Option 2kE: Fixed Range Gate (no dynamic tracking)
  • Option 2kF: System Status Monitor
  • Option 2kG: Single UI Computer system
  • Option 2kH: System Documentation
  • Option 2kI: Outdoor Enclosure for Core Radar
  • Option 2kJ: Single Ka-Band RF Head
  • Option 2kK: 1 watt Solid State Power Amplifier
  • Option 2kL: 6to 8 GHz Instantaneous RF Bandwidth
  • Option 2kM: Outdoor Enclosure for RF Head
  • Option 2kN: All interconnect cables and miscellaneous hardware
    Aeroflex Test Solutions elan-2K-RSA-Ka
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