Product specs for Fluke Networks 1TS2PRO-I/AN

Fluke Networks 1TS2PRO-I/AN

Product Description:

Fluke Networks 1TS2PRO-I/AN OneTouch Series II ITO LAN Analyzer Field Troubleshooting Kit

  • Verifies connectivity
  • Maps devices to individual switch ports
  • Pinpoints duplicate IP addresses
  • Remote monitoring and control via a web browser
  • Identifies
    • Cable length
    • Opens
    • Crossed wires and split pairs
  • Identifies unused network connections
  • Network Advice feature interprets and displays
    • Collisions
    • Errors
    • Broadcasts
    • Top protocols
    • Top senders
    • Discovered stations
  • Test IP Performance Across Backbones, WANs and VPNs
  • Results include
    • IP throughput in bps
    • Number of frames received
    • Number of frames lost
  • Customize test parameters and results
This NAVICP model is delivered with:
  • Model FLUKE-140 Tone Probe w/ Replacement Tip
  • Model N6600/RA Cable Identifiers
  • 6' Serial Cable
  • Six each RJ-45 Couplers
  • Lifetime Gold Program Software Updates
  • Hard carrying case
  • Product and Training Manuals on CDROM
  • Printed User's and Getting Started Manuals

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Fluke Networks 1TS2PRO-I/AN
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