Product specs for Agilent 33120A/34131A

Agilent 33120A/34131A

Product Description:

Agilent 33120A/34131A 15MHz, 1ch Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • High-performance synthesized function generator
  • 100 µHz to 15 MHz operation
  • Features sine,triangle,square,ramp,and noise waveforms
  • Sin (x)/x, exponential rise/fall, heartbeat and DV volts
  • 12-bit,40 MSa/s,16 k-deep arbitrary waveform generator
  • Internal sweep and modulation capabilities
  • AM, FM, FSK & Burst modulation
  • V peak to peak, V RMS and dB outputs
  • 50 ohm output impedance
This NAVICP model is delivered with:
  • Option E01: service manual and schematic
  • 34131A Transit Case
Agilent 33120A/34131A
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