Product specs for Agilent E7580A

Agilent E7580A

Product Description:

Agilent E7580A Prober 2 E1 Test Set

The new HP ProBER 2 offers a paradigm shift in test capability for anyone engaged in 2 Mb/s and 64 kb/s co-directional network testing.

Along with error and alarm generation and measurement, this tester delivers a full range of signal quality measurements including pulse mask, jitter, frequency and line level - unique for a handheld.

It also provides more than eight hours of continuous operation to ensure that you can work for a full day on one battery charge.

Extensive error and alarm generation and measurement

G.821, G.826, and M.2100 performance analysis

Frequency and level measurements

G.703 Pulse mask measurements

Jitter measurements to ITU-T standard 0.172

VF tone generation and measurement

Built-in talk/listen capability

Greater than 8 hours battery life from one charge

G.703 Pulse mask measurement
Jitter measurements to ITU-T standerd
M2120, M2110 Analysis

Agilent E7580A
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