Product specs for Tektronix TDS3012B-NV

Tektronix TDS3012B-NV

Product Description:

Tektronix TDS3012B-NV Oscilloscope, Digital: 100MHz, 1.25GSa/s, 2ch (Stand alone)

The Tektronix TDS3012B-NV oscilloscope is a graph-displaying device – it draws a graph of an electrical signal. In most applications, the graph shows how signals change over time: the vertical (Y) axis represents voltage and the horizontal (X) axis represents time. The intensity or brightness of the display is sometimes called the Z axis.

The Tektronix TDS3012B-NV oscilloscope's simple graph can tell you many things about a signal, such as: the time and voltage values of a signal, the frequency of an oscillating signal, the “moving parts” of a circuit represented by the signal, the frequency with which a particular portion of the signal is occurring relative to, other portions, whether or not a malfunctioning component is distorting the signal, how much of a signal is direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) and how much of the signal is noise and whether the noise is changing with time.

The TDS3012B-NV packs the power of digital phosphor oscilloscope technology, WaveAlert™ automatic anomaly detection, OpenChoice ™ documentation and analysis solutions with e*Scope® web-based remote control, and five application-specific modules into a lightweight, battery-capable design.DPO technology delivers superior insight into complex signals with the ability to display, store, and analyze three dimensions of signal information in real-time: amplitude, time, and distribution of amplitude over time. Fast waveform capture rates make it easier to capture and display infrequent waveforms or waveform variations, while the intensity graded display helps you locate and characterize waveform anomalies that can be elusive on traditional digital storage oscilloscopes.WaveAlert™ waveform anomaly detection speeds your troubleshooting tasks by helping you find those elusive problems faster. WaveAlert detection monitors the incoming signals on all channels and will detect and highlight any waveform that deviates from the normal waveform being acquired. Because the TDS3012B-NV oscilloscope can stop acquisition, sound a beep, make a hard copy or save the waveform when it detects an anomaly, you can run tests over long time periods - even unattended - to find those challenging, very infrequent failures.


  • 100 MHz Bandwidth
  • 1.25GS/s Sample Rates
  • 2 Channels
  • Full VGA Color LCD
  • 25 Automatic Measurements
  • 9-Bit Vertical Resolution
  • FFT Standard
  • Automatic Waveform Measurements
    • Period
    • Frequency
    • Positive Width
    • Negative Width
    • Rise-time
    • Fall-time
    • Positive Duty Cycle
    • Negative Duty Cycle
    • Positive Overshoot
    • Negative Overshoot
    • High
    • Low, Max, Min, P-P Amplitude
    • Mean
    • Cycle Mean
    • RMS
    • Cycle RMS
    • Burst Width
  • Multi-language User Interface
  • QuickMenu Graphical User Interface for Easy Operation
  • WaveAlert™ Automatic Waveform Anomaly Detection
  • OpenChoice™ Solutions Simplify Instrument Control, Documentation, and Analysis
    • e*Scope® Web-based Remote Control
    • Built-in Ethernet port
    • GPIB, RS232, VGA
    • TDSPCS1 OpenChoice™
    • WaveStar™ Software
    • Integration with Third-party Software
  • Plug-in Printer for Portable Documentation of Results
  • TekProbe™ Interface Supports Active, Differential, and Current Probes for Automatic Scaling and Units
  • Display any four measurements from any combination of waveforms
  • Ethernet Port standard - 10baseT LAN, RJ-45 female
  • Centronics Port Standard on all Models for Quick, Convenient Hardcopies
  • Telecommunications Mask Testing (TMT)
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for Frequency and Harmonic Analysis included Extended Video Application Module

This NAVICP model is delivered with:
  • TDS3012B: Digital Oscilloscope, 100MHz, 1.25GSa/s, 2ch (Stand alone)
  • P3010: 2 ea. 100MHz, 10X, Passive Voltage Probe, 2m cable
  • P6101B: 1 ea. 15MHz, 1X, Passive Voltage Probe, 2m cable
  • TDS3GV Module: Adds GPIB, RS-232 and VGA Ports
  • AC3000: Large Soft Case, Nylon, for TDS3000 Series Portable Oscilloscopes
  • TNGTDS01: Operator Training Kit for TDS3000B Series
  • Provides education about the features, uses and basic operation of an oscilloscope.
  • Extensive instructions and step-by-step lab exercises
  • Kit Includes:CD-ROM Based Manual, "Training 1", Signal Source board with documentation, Battery, EMI Filter with instructions, Static susceptibility documentation and EMI Ferrite Filter Installation Information (for Wall Power)

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Tektronix TDS3012B-NV
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