Product specs for Agilent 53150A-001-H02

Agilent 53150A-001-H02

Product Description:

Agilent 53150A-001-H02 20GHz CW Microwave Counter with Power Measurement

  • Automatic CW Microwave Frequency Counter
  • Measures to 20 GHz with resolution of 1 Hz
  • Fast and precise frequency measurements
  • Simultaneous power and frequency measurement
  • Analog peaking indicator
  • Exceptional sensitivity
  • Fast tracking speed
  • High measurement throughput
  • Wide FM tolerance
  • HP-IB and RS-232 standard
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Measurement scaling and offset
  • Automatic amplitude discrimination
  • Measures the highest amplitude signal in a multisignal environment
  • Built-in diagnostic routines
This NAVICP model is delivered with:
  • Option 001: High-stability oven timebase
  • Option H02: Component-level information package
Agilent 53150A-001-H02
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