Viavi Solutions Inc. JD726C
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Viavi Solutions Inc. JD726C Cable and Antenna Analyzer_5 MHz to 6 GHz

The CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzers provide integrated solutions for line sweep measurement, RF/optical power measurements, and fiber inspection in a lightweight, cloud-enabled instrument for use during cell site installation and maintenance.

The majority of problems in wireless networks occur at the base station infrastructure, composed of the antenna system, cables, and connectors and they are typically related to the cable feed-line (coax or fiber). Contamination in fiber connectors is the most common problem associated with Fiber. All wireless networks with fiber based feed-lines require the verification of both RF and Fiber. Until now multiple instruments were used for these tests, one for RF and another for Fiber, and the JD720C series cable and antenna analyzer is the first cable and antenna analyzer that provides an integrated solution for fiber and coax, being the most versatile and optimal instrument to properly service and install cell sites.


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