Viavi Solutions Inc. 87340
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Viavi Solutions Inc. 87340 ALT-8000 Radio Altimeter Test Set

The world's first RF-based portable radio altimeter flightline test set. It only weighs about 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) with a large 12-inch color touch-screen making it easy to use. The ALT-8000 is a universal test set for 4.3 GHz FMCW (frequency modulated continuous carrier wave) radio altimeters and pulse radio altimeters.

•Tests FMCW radio altimeters including CDF types
•Tests pulse radio altimeters (non-pulse compression types)
•Direct-connect to UUT T/R or to installed system via antenna couplers
•Full RF loop test allows TX, RX, Antenna or Feeder faults to be identified
•Multi-channel operation (via additional test sets)
•Programmable multi-leg climb/descend profiles


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