TEAL Electronics Corporation PCDU-STG15R-2
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TEAL Electronics Corporation PCDU-STG15R-2 GATEKEEPER Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit - 15kVA - Input Voltage 208VAC 3-Phase Delta, 60Hz, Output Voltage 120/208VAC 3-Phase WYE @ 21A/ph and 120VAC 1-Phase @ 50A housed in a 6U tall 19" rack mount enclosure.

The TEAL GATEKEEPER™ product family are full featured power subsystems that include a low impedance isolation transformer, filtering and surge suppression, voltage conversion, and power distribution integrated into the industries most compact rackmount package.

These Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Power Conditioning and Distribution Units (PCDU) are intended to provide and distribute AC voltages for Military-Aerospace test racks, and are available in 3.5kVA 1-Phase, as well as 4kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, and 30kVA 3-Phase models. The PCDU also performs control and protection functions to maintain compliance with multiple safety standards and agency approvals. Additionally, optional remote control panels are available to provide external control functions.

All GATEKEEPER™ products may be modified to provide custom interfaces for both input and output.

- Single point system power & grounding eliminates ground loops & provides clean power during development & setup of any noise sensitive system.
- Universal input voltage on the 3-Phase models (200VAC to 480VAC), 50/60Hz, allows system to be installed virtually anywhere in the world & reduces wiring costs.
- Patented ultra low impedance isolation transformer isolates input from output & provides the highest level of common-mode noise rejection.
- Patented TEALwave® high energy low-pass filtering & transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) reduce transients and electrical noise disturbances across a broad frequency spectrum, mitigation line transient problems typical in field & at depot level operations, improving MTBF of your system.
- Rackmount design reduces installed cost ($ per square foot).
- Multiple outputs (1-phase, 2-phase, & 3-phase) with standard outlets and connectors in standard voltages enable easy equipment connection.
- Eliminates need for multi-box distribution, isolation & protection solutions.
- Simplification of installations by allowing plug and play setup.


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TEAL Electronics Corporation PCDU-STG15R-2

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