Technical Diagnostic Services Ti32-MR
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Technical Diagnostic Services Ti32-MR Thermal Imager [MONTHLY RENTAL]

Superior Image Quality: * Delivers the clear, crisp images needed to find problems fast with its 320x240 sensor. * Identify even the smallest temperature differences that could indicate problems with industry-leading thermal sensitivity (NETD). * Automatic alignment (parallax correction) of visual and infrared images with Fluke patented IR-Fusion® * Optional telephoto and wide angle lenses available for added versatility and special applications. (easily installable in the field) Easy to use: * Field replacement batteries give you maximum flexibility no matter where your work takes you. * Intuitive, three-button menu is easy to use - simply navigate with the push of a button. * No need to carry pen and paper - record findings by speaking into the imager. Voice annotations can be recorded with every * image you take. Voice comments are saved along with individual images for future reference. * One-handed focus capability, emissivity corection, reflected background temperature compensation, and transmission correction increase the accuracy of measurements in most situations. * Adjustable hand strap for left or right-handed use. * Everything needed to get started is included. Rugged: * Optimized for field use in challenging work environments. * Engineered and tested to withstand a 2 m drop for the ultimate peace of mind. * Withstands dust and water - tested to an IP54 rating.


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