Technical Diagnostic Services F6150-MR
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Technical Diagnostic Services F6150-MR Relay Test Set [MONTHLY RENTAL]

The F6150 is the only instrument with the high power, flexibility, and sophisticated software to run full simulation tests on your relays and protection schemes. It provides everything you need in a single, field-rugged, portable box. It can test everything from a single, high-burden electromechanical earth/ground fault relay to complete, modern, multi-function numerical microprocessor protection schemes, without the need for additional instruments. It can perform steady-state, dynamic-state, and transient simulation tests. The F6150 can even be used for end-to-end protection scheme tests using Global Positioning System technology to synchronize remotely located F6150s.

* High-impedance electromechanical relays * Electromechanical high-burden, low-setting ground overcurrent relays * High-power relays from 0.5 A to 180 A * Dynamic-state and transient simulation testing using 12 independently controlled sources * End-to-end testing under simulated power system conditions with GPS satellite synchronization * Everything from routine characteristic checks to dynamic-state simulation tests with user-friendly software suite


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