Technical Diagnostic Services 6250-MR
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Technical Diagnostic Services 6250-MR Digital Micro Ohmmeter/DLRO, 10A [MONTHLY RENTAL]

* Made in the USA - Quality and Availability * Innovative Linear Ball Bearing Design Mechanism for Improved Performance; 1) Eliminates Friction Between Spring and Case for Greater Accuracy, 2) Eliminates Speed Sensitivity Errors, and 3) Produces A ┬┐Crisp Audible Click┬┐ Over the Entire Range * Twist Detent Locking Ring Allows Easy Setting of Desired Pre-Set Torque and Prevents Accidental Change of the Torque Setting While in Use. * Rubber Seal Between the Ratchet Head and Tube Keeps Lubrication in and Contaminants Out of the Torque Mechanism Assuring Accuracy and Repeatability. * Lightly Knurled and Grooved Handle Provides A Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip * Accuracy; +/- 3% CW From 20% to 100% of Wrench Capability * A Calibration Tape is Sent with Each Wrench Which Verifies the Accuracy * Meets or Exceeds ASME B107.14M 1994 and ISO 6789


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