Rohde & Schwarz 1329.7002.14
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Rohde & Schwarz 1329.7002.14 Digital oscilloscope, 4 channels, 1GHz bandwidth, sampling rate 10GSa/s per channel, sampling memory 50MSa per channel / max. 200MSa (1 channel), four 500MHz passive voltage probes,

R&S® RTO oscilloscopes are optimized to perform precise measurements at a high input sensitivity and very low inherent noise. With an acquisition rate of up to one million wave forms per second, the R&S® RTO oscilloscopes dectect sporadic signal faults lightning fast.

• HD Mode (Up to 16-Bit Resolution)
• 600 MHz to 6 GHz
• Up to 20 Ga/s Sampling Rate
• Up to 2 Giga-samples memory
• 1 Million waveforms per second


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