Rohde & Schwarz 1326.2000.62
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Rohde & Schwarz 1326.2000.62 Digital oscilloscope, 2 channels, 1 GHz bandwidth, sampling rate 5 GSa/s per ch, memory depth 50 MSa per ch./ max 100 MSa (1 ch.) up to 16 bit vertical resolution two 500 MHz passive voltage probes

R&S® RTE1000 oscilloscope offers a fully intergrated multi-domain test solution. Analyze signals with time domain, frequency domain, protocol decode, and logic analyzer tools. From embedded designs to power electronics, the R&S® RTE1000 handles everyday measurement challenges.

• HD Mode (Up to 16-Bit Resolution)
• 200 MHz to 2 GHz
• 5 Ga/s Sampling Rate
• Up to 200 Msamples memory
• 1 Million waveforms per second


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