National Instruments Corporation 782393-06
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National Instruments Corporation 782393-06 PMI 20 GHz USB Signal Generator, Fast Switching, Pulse Modulation;Export License Required

QuickSyn 10 GHz and 20 GHz signal generators with QuickSyn technology deliver instrument-grade performance, extensive functionality, and efficent power consumption in a compact form factor and at a low cost. The synthesizers feature a revolutionary phase-refining technology that provides a unique combination of fast-switching speed (less than 100 μs tuning speed) and low phase-noise characteristics.

• 100 MHz to 10 GHz and 200 MHz to 20 GHz frequency ranges
• -138 dBC/Hz phase noise at 10 kHz offset from 1 GHz
• <100 μ tuning speed and 0.001 Hz frequency resolution
• AM/FM/φM and pulse modulation


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