National Instruments Corporation 779656-01
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National Instruments Corporation 779656-01 NI PCI-5402 14-Bit, 100 MS/s Function Generator, 20 MHz Sine/Square, 1 MHz Triangle/Ramp

  • 400 MS/s effective sample rate
  • .355 Hz frequency resolution
  • Built-in sine, square, triangle, noise
  • 20 MHz sine and square wave generation
  • 1 MHz ramp and triangle wave generation
  • Phase-continuous frequency hopping
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The National Instruments PXI-5402 is a 100 MS/s, 20 MHz arbitrary function generator (AFG) featuring up to 14 bits of resolution and 32 kB of onboard memory for arbitrary function generation in a compact, 1-slot 3U PXI module. Using this module, you can combine the power of a stand-alone function generator with the flexibility and benefits of your computer to create highly capable virtual instrumentation solutions. Direct digital synthesis (DDS) is used to precisely generate waveforms that are repetitive in nature, including sine, square, triangle, and ramp. It can also be used to generate psuedo-random noise and DC signals.


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