National Instruments Corporation 778692-03
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National Instruments Corporation 778692-03 NI PCI-5421, 100 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator with LVDS Output, 16-bit, 256 MB (32x longer playback vs 8MB)

  • 12 Vpp into 50 load
  • 100 MS/s sampling rate, 400 MS/s with interpolation
  • 91 dBc close-in SFDR and -62 dBc THD at 10 MHz
  • Graphical waveform creation and editing software
  • 8, 32, or 256 MB of onboard memory
  • 16-bit LVDS digital pattern output for 32 MB and higher memory options
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The National Instruments PCI-5421 is a 100 MS/s arbitrary waveform generator featuring 16-bit resolution and up to 256 MB of onboard memory. With this combination of high-resolution and deep memory, you can generate long, precise, aperiodic waveforms. The NI PCI-5421 is ideal for a range of applications in communications, consumer electronics, scientific research, automotive, and military/aerospace. Because the PCI-5421 uses the PCI bus, waveforms can be downloaded up to 280 times faster than with GPIB-based generators. Using the Synchronization and Memory Core (SMC) and the RTSI bus, you can create stimulus/response systems with digitizers and high-speed digital I/O or synchronize two or more arbitrary waveform generators to form a phase-coherent multichannel generation system.

The 32 and 256 MB models include the NI Analog Waveform Editor, an interactive tool for creating and editing analog waveforms.


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