National Instruments Corporation 778675-01
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National Instruments Corporation 778675-01 cFP-PDB-100, fused power distribution block, DIN mount, 10 out. Easy way to distribute power from one power supply to up to 10 devices with replaceable blade fuses.

  • 10 fused channels
  • 2 A, 32 V blade fuses installed
  • 5 A/channel capacity (with 5 A fuses)

The National Instruments Compact FieldPoint controllers have the built-in ability to connect and control external serial devices such as LCD/keypad displays, touch screens, PLCs, bar code scanners, and external I/O. For the RS-232 connector on the front of the FP-20xx controllers, you can use either a standard DB-9 serial cable or, for applications with tight clearances, the right-angle serial connector. The cFP-2x10 and cFP-2x20 have additional serial ports on the side of the modules. These RS-232 and RS-485 ports can use either a cable with an RJ-50 on one end and a DB-9 on the other, or they can use the CB-485A, an RJ-50 connection to a DIN-rail-mounted connector block.


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