National Instruments Corporation 777557-01
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National Instruments Corporation 777557-01 NI PXI-6602 Counter/Timer and NI-DAQ for Win XP/2000/NT/9x/MAC with eight 32-bit counters. Kit includes NI-DAQ driver software for Windows and MAC on CD.

  • 8-channel, 32-bit up/down counter/timer module
  • 80 MHz maximum source frequency (125 MHz with prescalers)
  • 32 digital I/O lines (5 V TTL/CMOS) -- 8 dedicated, 24 shared with counter/timers
  • 3 simultaneous high-speed DMA transfer capability
  • Digital debouncing filters
  • Configure Complete PXI System
  • Data Sheet
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The NI PXI-6602 is a timing and digital I/O module with eight 32-bit counter/timers and 32 lines of TTL/CMOS-compatible digital I/O. Eight digital I/O lines are dedicated and the remaining 24 are shared with the counter/timers. You can perform a wide variety of counter/timer tasks with the NI PXI-6602, including encoder position measurement, event counting, period measurement, pulse width measurement, pulse generation, pulse train generation, and frequency measurement.


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