Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer10
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Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer10 1 GHz, 5 GS/s, 4 Ch, 10 Mpts/Ch DSO with 10.4" Touch Screen Display. 10 GS/s, 20 Mpts Interleaved

The WaveSurfer 10 combines the MAUI advanced user interface with powerful waveform processing, in addition to advanced math, measurement and debug tools, to quickly analyze and find the root cause of problems. With a 10.4" touch screen display, high performance hardware, and compact form factor, the WaveSurfer 10 is unique among 1 GHz oscilloscopes.

• 1 GHz, 10 GS/s, up to 16 Mpts/ch
• MAUI Advanced User Interface - Designed for Touch, Built for Simplicity, Made to Solve
• WaveScan - Advanced Search and Find
• LabNotebook Documentation and Report Generation
• 10.4¿ Touch Screen Display
• Spectrum Analyzer Mode
• Power Analysis Software
• Serial Trigger and Decode
• Advanced Debug Toolkit

With the addition of the Advanced Debug Toolkit software, the WaveSurfer 10 becomes an unparalleled debug and analysis machine. These features are all standard on the WaveSurfer 10M. The Advanced Debug Toolkit adds:

• 10 GS/s on all 4 channels
• 16 Mpts/ch memory (32 Intlv¿d)
• Sequence Mode Segmented Memory
• History Mode Waveform Playback
• 13 Additional Math Operators
• 2 Math Functions


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