Fluke Calibration 1502A-156
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Fluke Calibration 1502A-156 THERMOMETER, TWEENER, 110V 50/60HZ

The 1502A and 1504 reference thermometers will read RTDs, PRDs, and thermistor sensors. Primary temperature standards, secondary temperature standards, fixed-point cells, water triple points, SPRTs, calibration baths, dry-block calibrators and temperature metrology training can also be found on this site.

Best performance thermometers in their price range

• Two Tweeners to choose from-reading PRTs or thermistors
• Battery packs available
• Best price/performance package

One of Fluke Calibration's best-selling products is the Tweener thermometer, and there's a reason. No other company, not one, has a reference thermometer that comes close to the performance and features of the Tweener for anywhere near its price.


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