Casella CEL Inc. dBadge2Plus-K5
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Casella CEL Inc. dBadge2Plus-K5 Kit includes: (5) dBadge2Plus dosimeters; (1) CEL-120/2 acoustic calibrator; (1) 207107B/KIT charging base kit; (1) 207107B/EXT extension charging base; and (1) dB2Case/10 carrying case

The dBadge2 has been designed specifically to be used in potentially explosive areas in the mining, oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical fields. The OLED display aids data interpretation in the field but also allows you to define your own alarm values where the screens will change color. The built-in motion sensor affirms data validity during a measurment run. The dBadge2 has a 'multiple simulated dosimeter' capability to display noise exposure results according to differing regional or international protocols. You can monitor the dBadge2 remotely with the supporting Airwave App on your mobile device.


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