Awareness Technology, Inc. 3300
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Awareness Technology, Inc. 3300 Chemistry Analyzer

•Uses 12 mm round tubes, 1 cm square cuvettes, or built-in flow cell.
•Read cell is temperature controlled to 37°C.
•Bichromatic and Monochromatic reading.
•Turbidimetric assay capabiliy.
•6 filters standard, with spaces for 2 optional filters (340-880nm).
•Flip-up 240 x 128 pixel graphic display shows kinetic plots in real time.
•Use on-board thermal printer, external printer, or PC.
•Create a work list, run tests, print patient reports. Stores patient data.
•Stores control values and creates Levey-Jennings plots for QC.
•IAD filters


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Awareness Technology, Inc. 3300

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