Anritsu MT8820C
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One MT8820C supports high-speed batch measurements of RF TRx characteristics and call connection tests for 2G/3G/4G mobile terminals. In addition, installing the MX882012C/13C supports RF TRx tests required for manufacturing LTE FDD/TDD terminals and data cards. The MX882012C/13C supports 2x2 MIMO DL LTE Rx throughput tests too.

• RF tests for LTE-Advanced DL CA, LTE, 2G and 3G terminals
• Market-leading TD-SCDMA functionality including HDPA and HSDPA Evolution
• Fast test times for R&D, service and manufacturing
• Supports manufacturing including non-signaling UE calibration and functional tests
• Backwards compatibility with MT8820A/B
• Parallelphone™ measurement option for testing 2 phones at once


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