Aeroflex Test Solutions AG100411
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Aeroflex Test Solutions AG100411 9101 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Bench Edition

The 9101 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer provides RF engineers with excellent performance of a workbench analyzer in a handheld form, at a competitive price. It covers all applications in a frequency range up to 4 GHz.

Typical measurements include transmitter testing, alignment of modulators and measuring switch breakthrough. The analyzer is fully controllable via front panel or by rmote control from a PC. Measurement results and instrument settings can easily be transferred to a PC for presentation or post-processing. This rugged portable instrument is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage and with its excellent technical data and extensive feature set, meets many application needs.

One Instrument For All Your Needs

• Used in mobile phone repair to detect and locate faulty mobile phone parts and components
• Used in R&D labs to assess the electromagnetic radiation and to verify measures against EMI
• Used in manufacturing to check and align the output of RF modules or units
• Used in the field to measure and verify base station emissons
• Used for installation troubleshooting, repair and maintenance e.g. in wireless local loop and modern 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi systems.


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