TEGAM Inc. PMX50-002
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TEGAM Inc. PMX50-002 RF Power Sensor Calibration System, consists of:(1) 1830A(1) 2510A(1 each) CA-21-15 and CA-14-2M

Power sensor calibrationis an accurate and compact system. Reduce calibration time for thermoelectric, diode, and thermistor power sensors and achieve better uncertainties using the same technology employed by national metrology institutes. The PMX RF Power Sensor Calibration System is available in configurations designed to meet your power sensor calibration requirements, and at a price you can afford.

Combine any TEGAM PMX System with PS-Cal® Power Sensor Calibration software for a fully automated calbration process.

TEGAM's PMX Systems include Feedthrough Microwave Calibration Standards, 1830A RF Thermistor Power Meters, and required cables.


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