Agilent N1911A-E01
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Agilent N1911A-E01 Power Meter: Single Channel, includes N1921A and E9300A power sensors

The N1911A-E01includes:

  • P-Series Power Meter Single Channel (p/n N1911A)
  • P-Series Power Sensor (p/n N1921A)
  • E9300A Power Sensor (p/n E9300A)
  • P-Series cable adapter 1.5 meter (p/n N1917A)
  • Transit case (p/n E4418BZ-K23)
  • P-Series Power Meter Service Guide (p/n N1912-90015)
  • User's Guide P-Series Power Meters (p/n N1912-90002)
  • Programming Guide P-Series Power Meter (p/n N1912-90008)
  • Operating and Service Guide Wideband Power Sensor (p/n N1920-90007)
  • Operating and Service Guide E-Series E9300 Power Sensors (p/n E9300-90016)
  • Installation Guide P-Series Power Meter (p/n N1912-90009)
  • CD contains manuals (p/n N1912-61024)
  • P-Series power meter calibration application software (p/n N7832A)
  • Special cable for calibration (p/n N1912-61017)


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