Keysight Technologies Inc. M9216A
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Keysight Technologies Inc. M9216A High Voltage DAQ, 32-Channel, 250kS/s, 16-bit, 100V Input

Key Features & Specifications

Application-focused specs

  • 32-channels for high pin count voltage acquisition
  • 16-bit resolution for positive voltage measurements
  • Large input range 1mV to 100V


  • High speed parallel voltage acquisition
  • Auto ranging capability for flexible voltage input ranges

Performance characteristics

  • 5V input range: 1mV to 5V
  • 100V input range: 20mV to 100V
  • Sampling rate: 250kS/s per channel


The M9216A is a high voltage data acquisition module that allows simultaneous measurement of eight channels of positive voltages ranging from 1 mV to 100 V. Each channel comes with a concurrent 5 V and 100 V measurement range, with every channel capable of acquiring very low and very high voltages without the need for switching ranges.

The module also comes with a built-in 32 to eight multiplexer enabling 32 measurement ports to be connected to the eight acquisition channels expanding it to a full 32-channel voltage acquisition module. Alternatively, these channels can also be routed via an auxiliary output connector for additional measurements without requiring extra multiplexers or pin matrix cards.

The module is capable of doing fast parallel voltage level measurements, which is ideal for the automotive industry since most automotive applications do not require negative voltage measurements. The 16-bit ADC is fully used for positive voltages, giving it better resolution, hence better accuracy.


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