Hamilton Robotics Company 173000-001
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Hamilton Robotics Company 173000-001 MICROLAB® STARlet Single Arm Manual Loading Pipette Workstation with 4 Pipetting Channels

The Microlab® STAR™ portfolio combines Hamilton's patented pipetting technology including precise lock-and-key tip attachment, unrivaled liquid level detection, and comprehensive volume ranges to create flexible liquid handling workstations. The multi-functional arm on the STAR offers up to 16 Independent Pipetting Channels and/ or the 96- or 384-Multi-Probe Head (MPH), Labware transportation is possible with the iSWAP® or CO-RE® Grippers, and the STAR can incorporate a camera channel, tube transportaion, and other channel tools on a single arm. Available in three base platform sizes - STARlet, STAR, and STARplus, - the STAR portfolio incorporates countless options to automate your workflows.


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