Agilent 8757D-E02
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Agilent 8757D-E02 Scalar network analysis system


    Agilent 8757D-E02 includes:
  • Scalar Network analyzer (p/n 8757D)
  • 10MHz to 18 GHz Detector, Type-N(m) (p/n 85025A)
  • 10MHz to 18 GHz Bridge (p/n 85027C)
  • DC to 18 GHz Power Splitter, Type-N(m) input to Type-N(f) outputs (p/n 11667A w/001)
  • System Cable Kit (p/n 85022A)
  • Type-N(m) to Type-N(m) Adapter (p/n 1250-1475) qty 2
  • Type-N(m) to Type-N(f) Adapter (p/n 85032-60020)
  • Short Type-N(m) (p/n 85054-60025)
  • Open-Shielded-Type-N(m) (p/n 85054-60027)
  • 50 Ohm Termination: Type-N(m) (p/n 00909-60002)
  • 10dB Attenuator: Type-n(m) to Type-N(f) (p/n 8491B w/010)
  • Accessory Case
  • Product Note
  • CD with customer documentation for each item, operating and service manual


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