Aeroflex Weinschel 8312-31-F
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Aeroflex Weinschel 8312-31-F High Power Programmable Attenuator, Hot Swiching, 100 W:13GHz,N Female,1ch,31dB,Front

  • Available in 0-15 dB or 0-31 dB Configurations.
  • Provides a flexible, easy to program, low cost solution for your bench
    test/calibration setups and subsystem applications.
  • Relative vs. Nominal attenuation step function.
  • DC to 13.0 GHz Operation.
  • High Accuracy & Repeatability.
  • Power Handling up to 100 Watts average.
  • Designed to interface with industry standard communication interfaces:
    - GPIB/IEEE-488 (HS-488 ready)
    - RS-232, RS-422

  • Built-in monitoring for switching input power into the load in case of fan failure.
  • Rack Configurable: Using a Rack Mounting Kit allows the Model 8312 to be easily mounted into any rack or cabinet that is designed per EIA RS-310 or MIL-STD- 189.

Aeroflex / Weinschel's design approach uses a highly adaptable platform that allows configuration of the step attenuator to the customers requirements. When the controller requests a new attenuation level the input switch terminates the input signal into a 50 Ohm load. This input switch is hot switchable at 100 Watts of input power. This will remove the high power signal from the main signal path. With no signal connected to the attenuator path the controller then commands the series of relays to configure the attenuator for the requested attenuation value. Then the input switch re-connects the input signal to the attenuator path. The system can be operated with either a remote controller (IEEE-488 or RS-232) or through front panel control.


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