Aeroflex Weinschel 8310-352-4-T
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Aeroflex Weinschel 8310-352-4-T Programmable Attenuator Unit, Relay Swiched:2GHz,N Female,4ch,103dB,Front to Rear

  • Provides a flexible, easy to program, low cost solution for your bench
    test/calibration setups and subsystem applications.
  • Multi-Channel attenuation paths (up to 6 input/outputs)
  • Relative vs. Nominal attenuation step function.
  • Wide choice of Frequency & Attenuation Ranges.
    • 75 ohm Configurations with BNC or Type Connectors
    • dc to 1, 2, 3, 18 & 26.5 GHz - up to 127 dB
    • Solid-State (GaAs FET & PIN)
    • Relay Switched
  • High Accuracy & Repeatability.
  • Designed to interface with Aeroflex / Weinschels new line of SmartStep programmable
    attenuators and other electromechanical devices
  • Designed to interface with industry standard communication interfaces:
    • GPIB/IEEE-488 (HS-488 ready)
    • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
  • Rack Configureable: The Model 8310 & 8311 can be rack mounted either as a single unit using Rack Mounting Kit (P/N 193-8033) or two Model 8310's can be mounted together using Rack Mounting Kit (P/N 193-8033-1). Using these kits allow the Model 8310 to be easily mounted into any rack or cabinet that is designed per EIA RS-310 or MIL-STD-189.

Aeroflex / Weinschels 8310 & 8311 Series SmartStep Attenuator Units represent a new concept in programmable attenuation for bench test and subsystem applications. Standard 8310 & 8311 Series designs house and control various Aeroflex / Weinschel Programmable Attenuator Models (3200T, 3400T, 150T, and 4200 Series) via front panel controls or standard communications interfaces including GPIB (IEEE-488) and RS-232/RS-422 /RS485. Ethernet optional.


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