TEGAM Inc. 253
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TEGAM Inc. 253 LCR Meter, 1 kHz, Autoranging

  • Basic Accuracy: 0.25%
  • Measurement Speed: 250 ms
  • Test Frequency: 1 kHz
  • Automatic L, C, R, G and D measurements
  • Auto Ranging
  • Shielded Kelvin Connections
  • Rear Panel External Bias Terminals
  • Calibration Certificate Included

TEGAM's Models 252 & 253 are equivalent to ESI 252 & 253. Perfect for component inspectors or manufacturing operators performing manual testing of inductors, capacitors, or resistors.

The Model 253 LCR meter has the same functionality as the Model 252 except that an auto-range feature is added for testing components with a more dynamic parameter range. The maximum range of component values for capacitance and conductance is extended to 2,000 F and 20 S.

An optional power battery pack is available on the Model 253. This allows the meter to be used with line power when available and unplugged when convenient or necessary.


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