TEGAM Inc. 252
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TEGAM Inc. 252 LCR Meter, 1 kHz

No. of digits: 3.5digits
Impedance Measurement: 2ohm
Capacitance Measurement: 200pF

Digital Impedance Meters

TEGAM Models 252, 253, 254 are used for evaluating and inspecting components. These meters provide direct, digital display of inductance, capacitance, resistance, conductance and dissipation. They have the versatility and basic measurement accuracy, 0.25%, to satisfy demanding engineering and inspection applicants, while being extremely easy to use.

Simply push the button for the desired function, set the range and connect to the unknown. True four-terminal connections and ensured by the standard Kelvin Klip test leads. The measurement is displayed on the large 3.5 digit readout.

The Model 253 has all of the above characteristics, an auto-ranging feature, and includes one additional measurement range for C and G.

The Model 254 has a 120 Hz test frequency, which makes it ideal for testing electrolytic capacitors. It has full scale ranges from 2,000 pF to 20,000 uF with 1 pF resolution on the lowest range.

An optional bat
Shielded 4-terminal connection
Measurement Speed: 4/sec
External Bias: 50Vdc
Static Charge Protection


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