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As an IT professional responsible for managing a copper and fiber network, you have a challenging job. You are an on-the-spot problem-solver and are always planning for future enhancements, working with both copper and fiber to seamlessly upgrade the network to higher speeds while continuously troubleshooting and optimizing the current infrastructure. To meet your growing project requirements and your shrinking personnel and budgetary resources, Fluke Networks' Copper and Fiber Technician's Kit provides a robust set of tools to help you expertly manage your network to keep it running smoothly ¿ and inexpensively. The Copper and Fiber Technician's Kit pairs CableIQ and SimpliFiber Pro kits to provide all the testing and troubleshooting instruments you need. Kit includes CableIQ tester, Remote IDs #2-7, CableIQ Reporter software CD, IntelliTone 200 Digital Probe, (2) RJ45-RJ45 patch cord, USB cable, coax 'F' push-on adapter, 75-ohm coax patch cord, RJ45/11 universal coupler, RJ11-RJ11 patch cord, quick start guide, (4) AA batteries, test accessory soft pouch, hard carrying case, SimpliFiber Pro optical power meter, 850/1300 nm multimode source, carrying case, and SC power-meter adapter.

• Sees if your existing cabling can support voice, VoIP, 10/100/Gigabit Ethernet
• Troubleshoots why existing cabling plant can't support the desired network bandwidth
• Discover what's at the end of any cable and displays device configuration (speed/duplex/pairing)
• Frees up switch ports and identifies unused links
• Graphically maps wiring configuration and shows distance to faults, graphical wire mapping, opens, and shorts.
• Locates and traces cable with IntelliTone™ digital signaling technology

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