ACME Portable Machines Inc. SMK580-R15
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ACME Portable Machines Inc. SMK580-R15 Monitor, keyboard drawer: 15? TFT LCD, 1024*768, 250 nits, 8 ports KVM switch

¦ meets EIA310c & IEC-3 specifications ¦ One set built-in Keyboard, touch pad, monitor and 8 ports KVM switch ¦ heavy-duty steel ¦ With high brightness TFT LCD Panel ¦ Anti-glare tempered glass for added protection to the LCD screen ¦ Low Profile (notebook)keyboard in 105 keys, with touch pad ¦ Built-in rail self-locking device ¦ Support DOS, Windows OS, Netware, SCO Unix, HP Unix, Linux ¦ Easy PC selection via ON Screen Display Manual, Push buttons, Hot keys ¦ Support eight characters password protection and search PC server name ¦ Auto scan mode for monitoring PCs ¦ using standard keyboard, mouse, VGA cable ¦ 17.42”(W) 1.75”(H) 23.23”(D) ¦ Weight: 35.5lbs ¦ 15” TFT LCD, 1024*768, 250 nits, ¦ 17” TFT LCD, 1280*1024, 300 nits Backlight MTBF: 50,000 hours under 25±5? ¦ 8 ports KVM switch ¦ Daisy chain max level up to 8 levels ¦ Max PC Connection up to 120 set with extra KVM Switch box


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ACME Portable Machines Inc. SMK580-R15

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