TesCom - FAA 704A-NTS1-FAA-SS
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TesCom - FAA 704A-NTS1-FAA-SS Halcyon Universal Services Test Set with TIMS/DDS/T1/FT1 capability including FAA Bundle Options: A, A1, B, C, G, H, H1, H4, H5, HS, M and SS

The CXR Halcyon 704A Universal Test Set allows testing of Selective Signaling (SS1-SS4) for the world-wide Air Route Traffic Control (ARTCC) voice network. The 704A-NTS1/FAA/SS, for FAA and civilian use, includes digital testing functions such as 4-Wire DEMARC/DSO DDS test functions, T1/FT1 and BRI-ISDN test capabilities. The 704A includes options: A, A1, B, C, G, H, H1, H4, H5, HS, and M


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TesCom - FAA 704A-NTS1-FAA-SS

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