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Logical Operations 085099SPKP Logical Select CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI Print/Electronic Training Bundle

CompTIA® Linux+™ Powered by LPI

Course Specifications

Course number: 085099
Course length: 5.0 day(s)

Course Description

Course Objective: You will acquire the skills needed to install and support one or more distributions of the Linux operating system and learn information and skills that will be helpful as you prepare for CompTIA® Linux+™ Powered by LPI exams (Exam Codes: LX0–101 and LX0–102).

Target Student: This course is intended for entry-level computer support professionals with basic knowledge of computer hardware, software, and operating systems, who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of Linux concepts and skills to prepare for a career in Linux support or administration, or to prepare for CompTIA® Linux+™ Powered by LPI exams (Exam Codes: LX0–101 and LX0–102). A typical student in the CompTIA® Linux+™ Certification course should have at least 6 to 12 months of Linux experience.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following Element K courses or have equivalent knowledge:

  • UNIX and Linux: Fundamentals
  • UNIX and Linux: Advanced User

Hardware Requirements

For this course, you will need two computers for each student and two for the instructor. These computers will need the following minimum hardware components:

  • 2 GB RAM or higher
  • A 2.7 GHz processor or higher
  • DVD R/W drive (Boot capable)
  • Floppy disk drive
  • Generic keyboard and mouse
  • Sound and display cards (VGA - 256 color 800x600)
  • A Network Interface Card (NIC) for each system
  • Generic Monitor
  • 80 GB hard disk
  • Printer with parallel port
  • Printer with USB port
  • A high-speed Internet connection, if necessary, required to activate Windows Vista®

Software Requirements

Each computer requires the following software:

  • A licensed copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for the instructor and students
  • A copy of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Rescue CD for the instructor and for each student
  • A copy of Debian 5 for the instructor and students
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Business Edition

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • identify basic Linux concepts and perform basic Linux tasks.
  • manage user and group accounts.
  • manage partitions and the Linux filesystem.
  • manage various files in Linux.
  • work with Linux permissions and ownership.
  • print files.
  • manage packages.
  • manage kernel services.
  • work with the Bash shell.
  • manage jobs and processes.
  • manage system services.
  • configure Linux services to provide users with network connectivity.
  • configure basic Internet services.
  • implement measures to secure a Linux system.
  • manage hardware associated with Linux systems.
  • troubleshoot Linux system issues.
  • install the Linux operating system.
  • configure the GUI.


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