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A hygrometer is an instrument used for measuring the moisture content in the atmosphere. Humidity measurement instruments usually rely on measurements of some other quantity such as temperature, pressure, mass or a mechanical or electrical change in a substance as moisture is absorbed. By calibration and calculation, these measured quantities can lead to a measurement of humidity. Modern electronic devices use temperature of condensation (the dew point), or changes in electrical capacitance or resistance to measure humidity differences.

AEMC Instruments

AEMC ® offers a variety of thermocouple and RTD temperature measuring instruments to meet needs. A complete line of temperature probes is also available to meet any application. Single and dual input models are available. Humidity can also be measured. The ergonomically designed case, large display and intuitive function selection make these instruments the right choice for any temperature application.

B&K Precision

The 625 is a portable 3 1/2 digit, compact sized digital Thermo-Hygrometer designed for simplicity and one hand operation. It can measure and display an environment temperature and humidity in a fraction of a second.